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There is life coming out of paper!

Seed Paper

Sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly prevalent in our society, and based on these values, we have launched a calendar, postcards and small insects made from paper with seeds. A biodegradable paper, made by a manual process, using 100% recycled cotton and adding seeds of herbs or edible flowers.

With this product, we offer the possibility of giving a new life to the paper, which can be personalized and applied in personal or institutional projects, such as postcards, invitations, business cards or labels, and instead of going to waste , can be sown and transformed into plants, thus contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly planet.

Seed paper

Illustrations were made by the Portuguese artist Violeta Rosa. Each calendar sheet and each postcard has a different drawing relating to an edible flower or an aromatic herb.

Plantable animals

Our garden friends are small insects also made from 100% recycled cotton paper pulp and with seeds of herbs or edible flowers. Just put these "little critters" on the ground, bury them slightly, and you may see small plants growing.

These products will transform the concept of perpetuating a message, perpetuating your days, words or gestures in living plants.