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Life in a bag

Life in a bag aims to inspire people to grow by combining design and sustainability, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

We offer products that combine nature and design and allows you to create an indoor garden of herbs, edible flowers and microgreens. They are a differentiating, didactic and ecological alternative when it comes to offering a gift.

Our History

The brand was founded by the couple Alexandra and Pedro in June 2013. From a city of the north of Portugal, we started as an hobby doing experiences in the garden until we start bringing pots inside our house during the winter. Our kitchen and living room were not the same anymore but we were producing good results having always herbs and microgreens to our meals.

That was the click to starting thinking in packaging everything together so other people could do the same. With design and sustainability in mind we come up with some minimalist, organic and natural products.

The idea is that people can surprise with a ecological and original gift!

When you offer a gift "Life in a bag" you are generating a commitment to the recipient, and to nature! You are offering Life!


Portuguese and Organic




EESC - Sustainable Design Award

GPA - Honorable Mention

2ª Honorable Mention

1º prémio NUT-Ave - Minho Empreende